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                Rights & Permissions

                Cambridge University Press has over 50,000 titles in print, many of which are?available for?licensing.

                Rights requests

                A rights licence is needed if you want to reproduce any Cambridge University Press work?in its entirety. A rights licence enables you to:

                • Reprint an entire work in English
                • Translate an entire work into another language
                • Create an audio or video version of any work for broadcast
                • Create an electronic reproduction of an entire work

                Request rights to reproduce an entire work

                Browse our Rights Guides


                Permissions requests

                You will need a permissions licence if you wish to reproduce an extract from a Cambridge University Press work. Examples may include:

                • Reproducing or translating:
                  • a single chapter
                  • journal articles
                  • text extracts
                  • figures, illustrations.
                • Reproducing or translating audio and video extracts in printed, recorded or electronic format.
                • Request digitisation, photocopying or performing of Cambridge University Press material.
                • If you need an accessible format for a reading impaired user.

                Request permission to reproduce an extract from a work

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